Below are some links to related bands, studios, labels, people, places, things:

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Lives of the Obscure (Producer/Audio Engineer/Drummer/Songwriter/Photographer/Art Layout)

Park Ranger (Producer/Audio Engineer/Vocalist/Bassist/Songwriter/Art Layout)

Living Laser (Mastering Engineer/Art Layout)

Secret Fangs (Mastering Engineer/Art Layout)

Winterlong (Art Layout)

Jason Casterlin Band (Audio Engineer/Mastering Engineer/Art Layout)

Silent Owl Studio (Producer/Audio Engineer/Session Musician)

Nada Recording Studio (Audio Engineer/Session Musician)

Glacial Records (Mastering Engineer/Art Layout)

Cu Dubh (Audio Engineer)

Boom Boom Shake (Audio Engineer/Mastering Engineer/Photographer/Art Layout)

Matt Pond (A great band my brother Chris produces and plays guitar in)

Sun Room Audio (Mixing & Mastering by my good friend Dan Coutant)

American Icon Screen Printing (Great guys that do great merch)

Exploding in Sound (Brooklyn-based label currently cranking out some of the best bands I've heard in a while)

BSP (A favorite venue of mine. Located in Uptown Kingston, NY)